[RL with various people]
Looking Back
[OOC: I figured why not? Open to a myriad of FF7 peoples - Tseng, Veld, Reeve, Reno and Zack, specifically. Just have at and don't worry too much about turn order, I guess?]

Tseng remembered this bar. Vaguely. At this time, he was running around somewhere, barely more than a child, but here he was now, returning as an adult thanks to the magic of the community.

He stepped inside with the others he had brought along with him on the worldhop and looked around in search of his old boss, Veld. It was dimly lit and a little smoky, and Tseng wasn't quite prepared for the wave of nostalgia he felt.

He also couldn't believe he was actually doing something this reckless and impulsive.
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[RL with Rufus]
Brooding, Melancholy
Tseng cursed softly as he trotted down the stairs. He had a vague memory of hearing that Rufus had been down here for the last day or two, but all he really recalled of the last couple of days was sitting on the couch eating popcorn, watching TV with his head in Reeve's lap, or sleeping. He had searched the rest of the house when he realized Rufus hadn't slept in his bed last night, and this was the only place left to look that didn't involve calling a helicopter.

He never acted that way, and in a sense he felt more violated by this virus than he had in a long time. Tseng was a doer, a proud workaholic, and to have spent an entire weekend neglecting his job to the extent that he wouldn't even stir a finger when it was possible his President was in trouble... it was anathema to him.

He felt around for the light switch as he reached the bottom of the stairs, resisting the urge to draw his gun.

"Sir?" he called softly. "Rufus? Are you down here?"

[RL with Rei]
Turks - Out of my way
After picking Rei up in a car with world-hopping abilities, Tseng took her to the small office where ShinRa did most of their business these days. It was a far cry from the tower they had once had, and the sign needed to be replaced every week or so, since it was often defaced.

But it was professional on the inside, tasteful and elegant. Tseng brought Rei into his own office, which was almost painfully neat and had large windows that looked out over a portion of Edge city. He seated himself at the desk and offered her a cup of coffee or water.

"Tell me, Ayanami," he said, a computer pad in his hand on which he'd be taking notes. "Why do you want to work for ShinRa Company?"

[IC Contact Post]
Rufus - Demanding

You have reached the private voicemail of Tseng, head of the Department of Administrative Research, also knows as the Turks. If you have reached this number in error, please leave a message anyway, as hang-ups will be traced and investigated.

If you have an urgent business-related message, please dial 1. If your message is of a personal nature, please dial 2. If you have reached this number in error or have a non-urgent matter, please dial 3. For all other messages, please leave a message after the tone. Your message will be returned in order of priority.

((Tseng's PHS has voicemail, GPS, call display, and an extremely sophisticated tracer program that automatically runs on all private or blocked calls. He has camera and video capability, as well as texting and email.))

[RL with Reno]
Brooding, Melancholy
As was his habit, especially in recent weeks, Tseng sat at his desk in his office, working.

Even worse, it was taking him far longer than normal, at least partly because of his distracted thoughts. His conversation with Zechs had thrown him off more than he had expected, and even now he found himself pausing and rising to look out of the window, preoccupied. Did everyone realize that something was wrong? Was he really so obvious?

He rarely confided in others, and prided himself on his resiliency. Things didn't get to him. So why had Zechs demanded to know what was wrong?

Besides, there was nothing really wrong, was there?

He didn't even realize that he'd been standing at the window, fingering his empty left ring finger, for some time now.
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[RL with Zack] [Open to other residents of Gaia]
Blood had soaked into Tseng's collar, and there was a smudge of it on his chin, as well. Uncharacteristically, he hadn't noticed, and hadn't changed.

Since he brought Zack back from the past, brought him into the future, he hadn't left his side. The healers had worked feverishly for over an hour, removing bullets and pouring green magic into the SOLDIER's body.

They would be paid well for their silence. Tseng wasn't sure Zack would want anyone outside of their circle to know he was alive. Of course, their circle was probably the group he'd least want knowing, since that circle included Rufus ShinRa, so it might be moot.

The Turk sat on a chair, PHS in hand, trying to get some work done even from this location. He'd sent everyone else away, but he knew they probably hadn't gone far. Guards were stationed outside the door, but more to keep people out than to keep Zack in. Tseng knew it was unlikely that they could stop Zack from leaving if he were determined to, anyway, and enough blood had already been spilled.

But Zack was alive. That was the important thing. This time, Tseng had been in time.
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[RL with Rufus]
Rufus - Companionship
Tseng laid Rufus down on top of his bed, then sank down to kneel beside it, his arms still around the President. The man had been unresponsive so far, since Tseng found him in the ruins of the old Tower.

Tired from carrying him, Tseng lowered his forehead to the mattress and curled his fingers tightly in Rufus' jacket, and concentrated on his breathing.

[RL with Grimmjow] Backdated to Sept 8
Company Man
In all the years that Tseng had been doing this - offering to get together with new recruits just to see what they would come up with - he had never been invited to their apartment. He was pretty sure it was because most Turks were intimidated by him, but he couldn't quite figure out what to make of Grimmjow.

Certainly it seemed that nothing intimidated Grimmjow. He also was wondering if the man was even human.

He didn't have any difficulty getting into the building, which was only a block from ShinRa Tower. Tseng rode the elevator up to Grimmjow's floor and knocked at his door, seemingly completely self-assured and comfortable. Just a standard courtesy call. Nothing more.

[RL with Zechs, Reno is welcome to join!]
Turks - Out of my way
Tseng dropped his dufflebag on his bed in the suite he'd been so generously offered - free of charge, of course - by the current head of Kalm.

Current, of course, because Tseng, Reno and Zechs had just gotten through explaining to him just how tenuous his position was. If he didn't start moving on dealing with the terrorists in the nearby mines, he would simply be removed and replaced by someone with more initiative.

How permanent and damaging that removal was would depend on how likely Tseng and Rufus felt it was that he was actively encouraging the terrorists, rather than just ignoring them.

Right now, the jury was still out, which was why he had decided to stay the night.

The suite had a central living space and three bedrooms, one of which Tseng had already claimed. He loosened his tie slightly and then walked back into the main living area, PHS in hand as he checked the day's messages.
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[RL with Reno]
Turks - Out of my way
The honky tonk had been set up in a ramshackle building in a part of Edge that was still being built back up. Half the building had collapsed, but the rest of it was still completely intact, and had a fresh coat of paint and new windows, which vibrated with the music going on inside.

Tseng shook his head at himself even as he reached for the door. Suggesting that he go out with Reno had been a spur of the moment decision, and he wondered what had prompted it. If he wanted to talk to Reno about the community, or the president's strange off-world activities, he could have done it at work.

Sometimes even he needed a night out, maybe.

He grabbed the door handle and pulled, stepping into the smoky interior and looking around for a shock of red hair. He'd changed out of his suit for once, exchanging jacket and tie for a polo and jeans, and literally letting his hair down out of the high ponytail he sometimes wore. Tonight he was trying to blend in, after all.


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